Put Your Data to Work with Ero Health

Having access to your eClinicalWorks® data and being able to use it in a meaningful way is critical to the success of today’s medical practice. That data isn’t always available in a straightforward manner, and many practices lack the workflows, entry protocols and knowledge required for good data analysis. Ero Health’s Data Services team has a history of helping practices grow by harnessing the power of your eClinicalWorks data.

Custom Reporting

Today’s healthcare landscape requires sophisticated reporting of data, including ACO, MIPS, key financials and workflow monitoring. Ero Health can help you meet your reporting needs:

  • Automated Quality Reporting to groups – Lightbeam, Navvis, Agilon
  • Productivity – Biller, Front Office, Patient Throughput, Provider
  • Clinical – Outstanding Orders, Encounter Follow-Up, Proactive Patient Communication
  • Financial – Claim Follow-Up, RVU Financial Reporting, Patient Collections
  • Quality – MIPS/MACRA, Best in Class, Health Grades

Data Migration

There are many reasons practices need to migrate data, including acquisition, consolidation, and switching EHR systems. A successful migration requires careful planning and knowledge of the structure of your eClinicalWorks database to access the data and ensure that data is extracted and imported correctly. The Ero Health team has decades of experience working with eClinicalWorks and has a lengthy track record of accomplishing this. Migration projects may involve:

  • Practice Information
  • Clinical Data
  • Patient Documents
  • Automated Extraction of CCD Documents

Automate Processes

Minimize the need for manual data entry in your practice. While eClinicalWorks does have some automation functionality built in, there’s a lot more possible that can drastically improve your practice’s efficiency. Ero Health has the knowledge to automate your eClinicalWorks processes:

  • Identify how processes can best be optimized to meet the needs of the practice
  • Create procedures that meet all Medicare or other relevant requirements
  • Integrate the automated process into the practice’s current eClinicalWorks system
  • Provide training and support

Grow Your Business

As the largest eClinicalWorks solution partner in North America, Ero Health has the expertise to help you maximize your investment in eClinicalWorks. Your business can run more efficiently and profitably. We can help you:

  • Gain greater visibility to patient data
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction

Lab Device Integration

Imagine having the ability to allow your eClinicalWorks solution to seamlessly communicate with lab devices. This creates an automated environment which feeds all results and information directly into the patient record, eliminating delays, data entry requirements and opportunity for error. Practices that partner with Ero Health experience:

  • Lab devices that integrate directly to send your EHR data
  • Test results that automatically populate to your EHR
  • A simplified workflow that saves hours of time

eClinicalWorks System Interfaces

Have you ever worked with multiple systems and just wished that information you entered in one would flow seamlessly to the others? Think about how many different systems exist within a healthcare organization: hospital systems; practice systems; lab systems; transcription systems; kiosk and portal systems; practice management systems; and electronic medical record systems. Having to enter data into each one can become quite time consuming and leave room for error.

Ero Health can implement interfaces between systems so that you spend less time re-entering the same information and more time with the patient. Some examples of interfaces include:

  • Demographics Inbound or Outbound (HL7 ADT)
  • Charges Inbound or Outbound (HL7 DFT)
  • Diagnostic Imaging Results and Orders (HL7 ORU)
  • Schedule Inbound or Outbound (HL7 SIU)
  • Document Interface Inbound (HL7 ORU)
  • Lab Results and Orders (HL7 ORU)

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list? We can create custom interfaces specifically designed for your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.