Integrate Imaging and Lab Devices

You may have several devices in your practice that provide highly valuable data. Systems integration, both with internal devices and external reference lab and organizations, can be a challenge for most practices.

When your imaging and other devices do not talk to your Electronic Medical Record it is frustrating. You have invested in those devices and relationships; you want to extract everything possible from them. It is a critical component of providing the most effective patient care possible.

To achieve meaningful analysis of labs and data you must first ensure the proper integration between devices and your EMR. Without proper integration you are losing time and efficiency. It is costing you money and preventing you from delivering the best care possible.

Fortunately, you have an advocate and technical data partner in Ero Health Data Services. With over a decade of experience, we are fully prepared to meet the data and technical challenges you face.

Our Data Services team offers several integration options. We can integrate directly with your devices in your local office. We can facilitate exchange of information via HL7 integration already available with your devices. We can facilitate an interface with your 3rd party reference labs and imaging center to exchange discrete data, documents, and images.

Here is a small sample of the devices with which we have already integrated. There are many others. Contact us to see investigate if we can integrate with your device.

  • Abbott CELL-DYN Emerald
  • Beckman AcT Diff/Diff 2
  • Horiba Medical Micros 60 and Lite DM
  • ACE Alera
  • Drew Scientific Drew-3

The simple fact is this: The data is yours to use as you see fit. Working with a technology partner who will help you maximize the power of that data will improve your practice and patient care.

Call us to find out how we craft solutions that empower medical organizations to succeed.