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From workflow design, to implementation and full adoption, we are the trusted eClinicalWorks partner serving thousands of medical professionals today.

Moving your practice towards efficiency, greater access to information, and enhanced management in today’s digital age calls for harnessing the best technology solutions and leveraging them to your benefit.  It calls for relying on the right team to seamlessly integrate that technology and get your practice running on it as quickly as possible.  The team at Ero Health has that proven slate of eClinicalWorks solutions and a consistent track record as a Top Reseller for the nation’s leading suite of Electronic Health Records and Practice Management systems — eClinicalWorks.

Each facet of the eClinicalWorks suite is designed to provide a comprehensive, automated system for communication, collaboration, information access, and ultimately, enhanced patient care.



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Healthcare professionals using eClinicalWorks


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Electronic Medical Records: eCW V11 EHR for Practices

eClinicalWorks is the market leader among independent, ambulatory practices. It leading-edge technology and innovation ensure every aspect of patient care is under control, from scheduling and check-in through documentation, labs, prescribing, billing, and follow-up. eClinicalWorks V11 comes with free hospital interoperability through the CommonWell and Carequality nationwide networks.

Practice Management: Built for Value-Based Care

eClinicalWorks V11 is the next step in the evolution of healthcare IT, a cloud-based EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. Providers enjoy easy documentation, the latest in interoperability, and can access patient data anytime, anywhere — on a PC or Mac® using a web browser, a smartphone, or an iPad®. And V11 surrounds our core EHR with tools for stronger Patient Engagement, deeper understanding of Population Health, and a renewed emphasis on patient safety.

Data Analytics and Custom Reporting

Healthcare practices typically want to create meaningful reports to evaluate the efficiency of their practice, provide government reports or to submit to their ACO. They want to improve their clinical performance or even identify opportunities to improve as a business.

Physicians and Practice Managers call Ero Health Data Services to help them answer important questions about how to effectively pull data from their eClinicalWorks solution.

Patient Engagement

Quality healthcare begins with experienced and caring providers, but long-term wellness is enhanced through effective Patient Engagement. From Kiosk and Patient Portal to Messenger campaigns, the healow family of apps, and telemedicine, eClinicalWorks provides tools to improve patients’ access to healthcare, helping promote deeper involvement and better outcomes

Population Health

eClinicalWorks offers a suite of affordable, integrated solutions for Population Health, helping practices understand disease patterns, more accurately assess risk, improve patients’ engagement and satisfaction, and promote better medical outcomes.


Today’s complex healthcare systems are increasingly focused on interoperability and integration, promoting more effective transmission and integration of patient data.

Interoperability is essential for the continuity of patient care across care settings, ensuring providers have the right information at the point of care.

By streamlining workflows and offering flexible and customizable solutions for documentation needs, V11 is helping fulfill our vision of a truly connected office, in which patients, providers, and technology are integrated fully and seamlessly.

Medical Billing Services for eClinicalWorks Users

Let us evaluate the financial health of your practice so you can get back to caring for your patients. We’ve seen just about every possible scenario and can develop a solution for even the most challenging billing situation. Get started with a free accounts receivable analysis and we can help you increase cash flow, reduce claim rejections and close the gap on aging accounts receivables.

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