Population Health

eClinicalWorks offers a suite of affordable, integrated solutions for Population Health, helping practices understand disease patterns, more accurately assess risk, improve patients’ engagement and satisfaction, and promote better medical outcomes.

HEDIS: Measures for Effective Care Delivery

Measuring the effectiveness of care delivery is essential to ensuring your practice is taking the right approach to patients’ needs. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is an essential tool for Population Health planning.

HEDIS Analytics from eClinicalWorks offers a set of industry-standard performance measures to evaluate care access and delivery, measure compliance, and evaluate provider performance.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Hierarchical Condition Category: Bring Transparency to Risk Adjustment

Our Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) module uses demographic data and diagnoses to calculate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores used by Medicare and other programs.

  • Identify coding gaps based on historical coding data
  • Calculate real-time, patient-level RAF scores
  • Risk stratify patients and filter by RAF, provider, or insurance
  • Use an HCC dashboard to analyze trends and compare RAF scores

Transition Care Management: Protect Patients

Our Transition Care Management (TCM) module helps providers maintain the continuity and quality of care during the critical times when patients are moving among care settings.

  • Manage patients as they move among care setting
  • Track appointments to ensure timely follow-up care after hospitalizations
  • Reconcile medications to help ensure patient safety
  • Better understand which patients are being hospitalized and why

Chronic Care Management: Easing the Burdens of Chronic Illness

Our Chronic Care Management (CCM) module helps practices with Medicare’s CCM program, which offers reimbursement for non-face-to-face care provided to patients with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Manage patient enrollment and program activities
  • Utilize content for evidence-based care covering 27 chronic conditions
  • Track time spent on non-face-to-face care with a built-in time tracker
  • Simplify claim submission with automated batch billing