Supplement Existing eClinicalWorks Reporting

What do you do when your EMR system does not offer the kind of support you need? You feel stuck but Ero Health Data Services will partner with you to help you accomplish your technical and data goals.

Ero Health Data Solutions fills a gap that many eClinicalWorks users face. Maximizing the power of your data requires a customized approach. That is where EMR users often hit a wall. Even when support is available, the standard solutions fall short.

  • Quirks in reporting
  • Trouble with data extraction
  • Errors in integration

These are all problems commonly faced by medical practices. The answers are not always readily available from your EMR.

  • You have specific requirements, but their solution does not sufficiently meet them
  • The level of customization you want from them is not available
  • Turnaround time is another issue. You want to implement a solution quickly and you are not satisfied with the time horizon they are giving you.
  • Communication and geography can be problematic.
  • Interface development and even installation are performed from offshore sites
  • Parties are not working from a shared technical understanding
  • Requirements are not clearly understood
  • Implementation is not performed as expected
  • Project managers are not equipped to understand integration

Fortunately, you have a technical data partner in Ero Health Data Services. Having extensive experience with eClinicalWorks, we are fully prepared to meet the data and technical challenges you face and supplement your solution.

Call us to find out how we craft solutions that empower medical organizations to succeed.