Largest eClinicalWorks Solution Partner in North America

From adoption to optimization, Ero Health is the largest eClinicalWorks solution partner providing a full suite of digital health services to healthcare systems, clinics and physician practices. Let us help you navigate the new reality of value-based healthcare by optimizing the adoption and use of eClinicalWorks for today and into the future. Ero Health has served more than 2,000 practices over the past 15 years.

Clear Direction. Required Expertise. Unparalleled Support.

Switching EMR?

Are you ready to switch EMR’s? If you’re considering a change, you may want to consider switching to the largest ambulatory Electronic Medical Record for independent practices in the country, eClinicalWorks.

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Practice Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Patient Engagement
  • Population Health
  • Interoperability

eClinicalWorks Expertise

Simply using eClinicalWorks in today’s value-based healthcare reimbursement model is not enough. There is a vast world of possibilities inside eCW. From adoption to optimization, we can help you maximize your investment.

  • Adoption
  • Training
  • Support
  • Optimization
  • Data Services
  • Data Hosting

Ero Health Customers Experience Success

Let Us Join You On Your eClinicalWorks Journey

Ero Health is a trusted partner ready to meet you at any point on your eClinicalWorks® journey and lead you to success. From adoption to optimization, Ero Health offers the most complete solution to maximize your investment in eClinicalWorks.



Partner with us for a turnkey implementation of the market-leading EHR, eClinicalWorks.



Engage in training programs led by professionals with practical experience in all areas of practice operations.



Experience the highest level of support with our eClinicalWorks certified technicians and customer service teams located across the North America.



Transform your workflows and how you engage you patients, staff and payers. We can help you understand the features that are available, create the customizations needed and re-design your workflow with our team of experts.



Turn data into powerful insight that unlocks keys to growth and improving patient care.



It’s your data. You must have the security, flexibility and access to run your business. Take advantage of our cloud hosting for disaster recovery, back up and most importantly, no limit on access to your data.