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Are you ready to transition from your legacy EHR?

Partner with Ero Health for a turnkey implementation of the market-leading electronic medical records – eClinicalWorks®. From the initial assessment of your workflows, through data migration, customization and go live, we are with you throughout. Let us show you the power of eClinicalWorks® and how to move from where you are now to where you need to be for the transition to value-based care and population health.

Because we recognize that every medical practice is unique, all Ero Health implementations of eClinicalWorks® Electronic Health Record include customizable features, reports, patient-centric dashboards, and workflow to accommodate your operations. Regardless of your practice’s size or specialty, Ero Health can develop the right eClinicalWorks® Electronic Health Records solution to meet your needs. In fact, eClinicalWorks® EHR accommodates the unique requirements of over 40 specialties and subspecialties.

An Ero Health Implementation of eClinicalWorks® Electronic Heath Records in your Practice Means:

  • Streamlined Process Management – for all tasks involving patients and administration of your practice, from patient check-in to billing.
  • Better, Instant Access to Patient Information – in your office or through your iPhone, your patients’ complete medical records are available with just a few clicks.
  • Immediate Action – manage prescriptions, view test results, and determine a course of action for your patient faster than ever before.
  • Improved Overall Patient Engagement – better continuity and coordination in patient care are achieved through enhanced access to timely, accurate, and shared information.
  • Interoperability – in today’s connected age, practices expect enhanced communication among medical professionals, hospitals, Labs/imaging and other points of care. eClinicalWorks® participates in both CareQuality and CommonWell to ensure secure exchange or data when you need it and at the point of care.  You can access PRISMA as your health information search engine and the Open Interoperability development platform using FHIR. 
  • Quality Measures – have access to the tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management. Information about your entire patient population is right at your fingertips.
  • Value Based Care and Population Health – Understand disease patterns and accurately assess risk to promote better outcomes.  Care planning, Chronic Care management, transition care management, Care Plan oversight and Remote Patient Monitoring are all supported with eClinicalWorks®. 
  • FQHC and RHC Reporting Capabilities – federal funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Center relies on the proper collection and reporting of data. Ero Health can address these unique challenges and develop the right eClinicalWorks® Electronic Medical Records system to meet your needs.
  • Access to Custom Reports and Dashboards — view a streamlined dashboard of an individual patient chart, complete with the information you need to see, or run custom reports which measure quality of care, analyze DOQ-IT progress, or follow-up on patients with chronic diseases.
  • Certification — eClinicalWorks® Electronic Medical Records is a CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR, additionally certified for Child health Production, and meets the Certification Commission’s EHR criteria for office-based use.

eCW Practice Management

Being a great doctor is the focus of your work and your primary goal every day.  With Ero Health on your side, you can focus on patient care while we create the technology and systems to ensure your practice is running at peak performance.  eClinicalWorks®’ Practice Management system can make that possible, and Ero Health can tailor the solution to meet your specific needs.  All facets of the system seamlessly integrate with eClinicalWorks® EHR, giving you even greater access to information, communication, and patient care.

An Ero Health Implementation of eClinicalWorks® Practice Management in your Practice Means:

  • Streamlined Billing Management — medical billing processes (and payment or reimbursement of claims) can be complicated. Ero Health can help you automate those processes through eClinicalWorks® PM so that claims may be submitted, and payments received and posted electronically.  Patient insurance verification, payment status updates, and complete information is right at your fingertips.
  • Simplified Scheduling — get a snapshot of your health practice’s overall scheduling capacity, next available openings, and even patient and appointment information in one easy-to use scheduling system. Create, modify, or cancel appointments with one click of the mouse, and set up schedules for multiple locations or recurring schedules.
  • Database Management — your patient database can be built for your practice’s unique needs and patient profiles, and systems will be implemented to ensure the integrity of data entry, reducing errors and omissions. Define mandatory fields, look up a patient with multiple providers, and check eligibility for services quickly and accurately.
  • Patient Summaries — quickly generate and print patient summaries as soon as the visit is complete.
  • Code Check — claims submission forms can be tricky, and one mistake can delay payment. That’s why eClinicalWorks® PM helps you check your claims for errors before they’re submitted and increase your first-time claim validation rates to get the reimbursement you’re owed.  It’s like having another billing assistant who never stops!
  • Manage Financials — patient statements and collection letters can be generated, according to your practice’s guidelines, right from the system. Easily generate daily, monthly and yearly financial reports to track all financial aspects of your medical practice.
  • Gain Valuable Business Intelligence — Ero Health will build your eClinicalWorks® PM system with the reports and dashboards you need to gauge the operation of your practice. Quickly identify areas of success, and areas which may need attention.

Before any implementation, Ero Health takes the time to learn your practice, the operations, and processes to develop an eClinicalWorks® Practice Management system that can be quickly put into action by all team members.  We take the software beyond just the implementation stage to ensure that all facets and features become part of the business practice as quickly as possible.  That’s how you get maximum benefit from one of the leading Practice Management systems available.

Implementation Success Stories

Grow your business

As the largest eClinicalWorks® solution partner in North America, Ero Health has the expertise to help you maximize your investment in eClinicalWorks®. Your business can run more efficiently and profitably. We can help you:

  • Gain greater visibility to patient data
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We know that every practice – and challenge – is different. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs.