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We're here to support you, so you can support your patients.


Gain efficiencies through process enhancements, automation, and training.


Achieve better patient engagement with digital front door, healow, and other eCW features.


Increase collections and profitability by optimizing your revenue cycle management.

Regardless of specialty, independent clinics can achieve growth, enhance care, and run a better, more fulfilling practice for providers and staff.

Ero Health can help make this a reality.

If you’re an independent medical practice using eClinicalWorks®, you may feel proficient and confident about how the system is working for your practice. But it’s also quite likely that you feel you’d benefit from better training, support, and visibility into your business and clinical data. Ero Health has been serving practices just like yours since 2004. Whether it’s a need you’re looking to fill or a challenge you must solve, chances are we’ve seen something similar and can bring our experience to benefit you, your team and your patients.

EHR Implementation & Consulting Services


While each practice’s situation is unique, there are common questions that the Ero Health team often answers for our clients who own, operate, or manage an independent clinic. We invite you to browse this list, and welcome you to reach out if there is a specific questions we can answer for you.

There are many ways to optimize eClinicalWorks®, from automation to data analysis and claims submissions. Which path is best for your practice depends on your needs and goals. Consider your “wish list” of items that would improve your practice in some way if you could get the information out of eClinicalWorks®. Also, document your pain points. These pain points could be financial, operational, or related to your use of the technology. Finally, be clear about what you are trying to accomplish in your practice. This might be a revenue or profitability target, setting standards for specific things like closing out notes, or even selling the practice. The Ero team can help you analyze your wish list, pain points and goals to leverage eClinicalWorks® to your advantage.

Ero engages with clients in a variety of ways. We can work with you on a specific project, or partner with you long-term for support, ongoing consulting, or hosting in our HITRUST certified data centers. Regardless, you’ll work with an Ero Health professional who holds both extensive knowledge with the software as well as practical experience. They’ve been in your shoes and know what you’re facing. This empathy and understanding leads to service excellence and a relationship you can trust. And because we’re nationwide, Ero support staff is located in all time zones of the United States, maximizing your access to the help you need when you need it.

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We’re not here to give you a cookie cutter service.  We’re here to give you a custom solution that drives results for your practice. Contact us to discuss your needs today.