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The same patient care and practice operations. A unique set of requirements and reporting needs.


Accurate reporting to ensure your funding isn’t interrupted.


Access to the data you need to provide quality care.


Visibility into business data to monitor your financial health.

Your community counts on you to provide care for those who need it most.

Fulfill on that promise with Ero Health.

As the Ero Health team has worked with FQHCs over the years, we’ve amassed a wealth of insight into the operational, reporting and revenue cycle management needs of each organization. From the largest urban centers to rural clinics in remote areas, all share a passion and dedication to the mission of providing care to those who are underserved, underinsured, or simply don’t have access elsewhere. We take this seriously, and help FQHCs develop the proper knowledge of eClinicalWorks®, optimize it to greater efficiency, and unlock access to the data and reporting they need to ensure proper first-pass claims, successfully navigate audits, and maintain excellent financial health. This ensures continuity of care, and also delivers the potential to expand your team of providers and specialties the community counts on for good health.

EHR Implementation & Consulting Services


What are the questions that keep you up at night about your FQHC? Ero Health can provide the answers. Please review this small sampling of common questions and let us know more about your specific needs.

While every FQHC’s needs are different, we’ve found the top two items that have a great impact on an FQHC are training and revenue cycle management. We have a history of providing training to key providers and staff which helps them to get up to speed on the use of eClinicalWorks® quickly, allowing them to start seeing patients more quickly, care for more patients than ever before, and do their jobs more efficiently. In terms of revenue cycle management, there are many aspects to account for including proper claims submission, creating dashboards for visibility into the financial aspects of the practice, and developing custom reports for both the clinical and operational side of the practice.

As is the case for all types of practices, the conversation begins with your needs and goals. Document your wishes and pain points, imagine what your FQHC could accomplish with access to certain pieces of data, and consider your goals and how you’ll define success. Some FQHCs have specific targets for patient engagement, while others have set metrics around care and health equity for various patient populations. Whatever the case, the data resides in eClinicalWorks® to reach these goals – it’s just a matter of accessing it, making it usable, and creating the right framework to analyze and act upon it.

Since 2004, Ero Health has worked with practices nationwide, of all sizes and specialties for adoption, optimization and support for their eClinicalWorks®. We identify the most appropriate modules, forms and features for each specialty, and perform audits during version upgrades to ensure that our clients are using the system to its full potential while not paying for features they don’t need. Much of this is specialty specific.  

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