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Seamless, consistent collaboration across all practices and providers.


Implementation and training to ensure consistent use.


Integration for labs, imaging and other orders within your health system.


Accessibility of patient data for migration to a new EHR.

Health systems require coordination across all your practices and centralization of patient data.

We can create the proper eCW platform to accomplish this.

While a health system’s needs are vast in scope, we believe that addressing them with a straightforward, scalable process that begins with a needs audit, workflow development and documentation of consistent processes is the key to success. Once in place, this plan can be executed through implementation, training and ongoing support to ensure that all providers and practices in your health system are using eClinicalWorks® as you envision – and in the way that will allow for the sharing and accessibility of data to support your patient care and business goals. As new practices join your system, the process to onboard them is seamless whether they’re already on eClinicalWorks® or need to migrate their existing EHR into the eCW platform we’ve established for your health system.

Ero Health has a long history of supporting large health systems and their associated practices, labs, and other service providers. Let us help you bring all the eClinicalWorks® systems together to make your providers’ jobs easier, create consistency, and boost interoperability.

EHR Implementation & Consulting Services


What can the Ero Health team do for your health system? Here are some common questions and situations we’ve tackled over the years. We look forward to the opportunity to answer your specific questions.

This is a common issue that we’ve tackled many times for clients. Yet health systems recognize that the most efficient way to share data across all of their providers is to have common data structure, workflows and processes for eClinicalWorks®. This is important not only for the practices currently in the health system, but also for those who join the health system. We’ve encountered a variety of situations which include consolidating patient records to avoid multiple records in each practice’s eCW, extracting data for migration into or out of eCW (including field mapping for proper transfer), and even establishing comprehensive in-house medical billing systems for better revenue cycle management. Regardless of need, the Ero Health team has a track record of developing, testing and implementing the right eCW solution to meet our health system clients’ objectives.

Data extraction, mapping, and proper migration is one of our specialties. We know that it’s not enough to simply give you a raw data file from your eClinicalWorks®. For a migration to be successful, we must first identify the source – where is it coming from, what fields are we pulling from, are there common entry protocols for the data, among other issues. Once we document these items, we extract and validate the data to ensure accuracy, testing the importing process to make adjustments as needed and finally, performing the final import. Because we hold a deep understanding of where the data is stored, how it’s structured, and how to translate it into a usable form, we are able to execute meaningful conversions that our clients can feel confident in. The Ero team takes special care with all migration projects to ensure all appropriate information is transferred to the new system and all patient data files are accurate.

Ero Health offers U.S.-based support across all time zones, giving your in-house IT team a partner they can access when they need them. The Ero support team holds in-depth technical knowledge of eClinicalWorks®, as well as practical experience in healthcare. We work with IT professionals at health systems in a number of states and have experience with all specialty practices that are likely included in your health system.  

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