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Private Equity Practice Roll Ups

Technology success leads to business success.


Create operational and financial visibility.


Build efficiencies through scalable, repeatable systems.


Establish a platform for profitable growth.

Your focus lies in building a successful, profitable group of practices.

Ero builds the eCW platform to support that vision.

Today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape includes not only shifts in care delivery and payer models, but also in how practices are owned and operated. Over the last several years, Ero Health worked with many private equity groups who are purchasing medical practices, creating large regional organizations or specialty powerhouses in key areas. While there is always a priority placed on patient care, private equity groups have a keen interest on the business side of the practice and in many cases, that starts with getting eClinicalWorks® in order. Practices that are being acquired to join the new roll-up organization are likely all using eClinicalWorks® differently, or may be on a different EHR and are in need of migration. Ero Health starts by first centralizing eClinicalWorks® for consistency and scale across the organization. Once this is in place, we work with leadership to optimize eCW, leveraging it to make the business more efficient, drive revenue and profitability, and pave the way for a future of growth.

EHR Implementation & Consulting Services


Patient care and operational excellence are likely top of mind for practice roll-ups. Ero Health has answers to the questions you may be facing.

There is a wealth of data within eClinicalWorks® – data that can be used to drive revenue and profitability through better patient engagement, greater visibility into the financial health of the organization, and dashboards to monitor key metrics. Ero Health has supported private equity groups around the country to standardize the use of eClinicalWorks® so that this data is accessible, accurate and usable. And if not all providers joining the roll-up are on eClinicalWorks®, that’s no problem. The Ero team will prepare a plan and execute for a successful migrationProviders and staff are trained on proper processes and use of the system which creates efficiencies, gets them up and running (and seeing patients) faster, and ensures consistent use of eCW longterm.  

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