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While the purpose of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Managed Services Organizations (MSOs) may seem different, both rely on the same thing for success – data. In order for ACOs to deliver the highest level of care to specific patient populations through coordinated efforts across providers, data must be accessible, usable, accurate, and allow for action or decisions to be made about an individual’s care. This model focuses on outcomes, and reimbursements are largely based on a provider’s ability to achieve better health for patients while managing the expenses required to achieve these outcomes. In the case of an MSO, access to financial and operational data are critical to effectively execute billing, collect money, and manage a practice’s overall revenue cycle. Ero Health provides the visibility, insights, and reporting needed for ACOs and MSOs to effectively accomplish their goals.

EHR Implementation & Consulting Services


There are a variety of questions that are specific to ACOs and MSOs. Explore common questions here, and please reach out to us with issues or opportunities for your organization.

Standardizing the use of eClinicalWorks® across all of the practices in your ACO or MSO is critical. The Ero Health team takes a deliberate and comprehensive approach to this process which begins in a test environment before we ever incorporate the solution into your live EHR. Here, we work with leadership to build out functionality and content to effectively standardize key elements of documentation and data governance. While this is taking place, we build out necessary training materials and workflow diagrams with screenshots depicting the eCW environment. Once approved, changes are made to each individual eCW database and supported with training materials and on-site assistance to execute the workflow changes.

Ero Health will meet you wherever you are in your eClinicalWorks® journey. Our eCW certified trainers have extensive experience in the software and practical experience working within medical practices. This provides a unique training experience that addresses both the technology and the reality of how your practice can make best use of eClinicalWorks®. The Ero team of experts can provide onsite and online training in group sessions or one on one.  Examples include: 

  • Super User training for EMR analysts 
  • Go live training for new practices. 
  • Module specific training  
  • Reporting training and custom report development 
  • New version preparation and roll out. 
  • Workflow redesign 
  • Go live support. 
  • Industry specific training and customization needs for PCMH, MARCA… 

Because the Ero Health team holds intimate knowledge of the architecture, language and structure of eClinicalWorks® databases, we have the ability to extract, integrate and share data in ways many others cannot. It is this experience that allows us to create uni- and bi-directional interfaces for dozens of applications such as Business Intelligence packages, CRM tools, online scheduling vendors, population health and patient engagement vendors.  We also recognize that you may have other needs for your data, such as integration and ongoing data dumps for your accounting systems. The Ero Health data services team can create scripts to for these types of data exchange applications, and we’ve even developed our own API, enabling us to provide multiple solutions once we understand your goals.

Supplemental support programs are among Ero Health’s most popular services, making us your frontline support technician.  Our team is certified by eCW in help desk and technical support (as well as install, training and eBO).  We use a robust ticketing system that can generate support tickets via a live call, email, or web portal.  You can track your ticket and learn the status in real time.  We manage all tier one and tier two issues.  When an issue is identified as a tier 3 (bug or code fix), we escalate it to eCW, and they work directly with us until resolved.  The practice never has to take direct eCW calls or surrender their workstations during the day. We are 5-star Google rated and have a average CSAT score of 95%.

Because the Ero Health team is so familiar with the data and how it is structured and stored in eClinicalWorks®, we can create extraction scripts to pull key data from your eCW database at the frequency you need.  This includes demographic, financial, and clinical data.  We can even provide it to your vendor securely, eliminating their need to access if from a third party intermediary. 

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