The RCM360 Difference

RCM360 is an Ero Health company with a specific focus on eClinicalWorks billing and optimization. Their team of specialists has more than 100 collective years of experience, helping practices with their revenue cycle management needs. They’ve worked with hundreds of provider groups and have seen firsthand the challenges faced in billing and collections.

RCM360 solutions routinely result in increased cash flow, a reduction in rejected claims, and a more efficient billing and collections process with faster collection of receivables.

RCM360 Helps Midwest Nephrology Grow Their Business

Their Process

The RCM360® process revolves around the principles of simplicity, transparency, and open communication, and will always help you answer the key business questions that keep you up at night.

Outsource medical billing to the RCM360 Team and we can help your practice with the following:

Their Approach

It’s our philosophy to balance technology with personal care. Technology is leveraged to do the billing, run reports and provide data. But it’s the people who make the difference. You’ll have a one-on-one relationship with your billing expert who is there to care for you and the financial health of your practice.

Actively Involved: We’re a hands-on outsourced medical billing team, providing the services you need to improve your revenue cycle management and ensure the financial wellbeing of your practice.

Billing Experts: We know the challenges you face and have the resources you need to succeed. RCM360 was developed by a team of medical billing experts with over 100 years of combined experience.

Delivering Results: Since our founding, we’ve built a reputation for cleaning up old claims, increasing collections, and helping practices grow their cash flow by millions each year.

Get started with a free accounts receivable analysis and we can help you increase cash flow, reduce claim rejections and close the gap on aging accounts receivables.

Simplicity. Transparency. Open Communication.