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If Any of these Situations Sounds Familiar, You’re Ready for eClinicalWorks Optimization

Practices across the country use eClinicalWorks for their electronic health records and practice management needs. It’s a powerful tool, and as such, isn’t used to its full potential by simply flipping a switch. Perhaps your practice has already gone through training and is already using the great features included in eClinicalWorks. But as we at Ero Health have experienced with thousands of providers in practices large and small, your eClinicalWorks EHR can often do more to make your practice more efficient and more profitable, all while improving both the patient experience and the employee experience for your team.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen many red flags in processes and workflows that indicate a practice can significantly improve through eClinicalWorks optimization. This blog shares those, and if any of them sounds familiar, you’re ready for the Ero Health team to help take your practice to the next level.

You Aren’t Being Paid in a Timely Manner

There are a number of reasons for delayed payments – and even non-payment – for the services you’ve provided for a patient. Improper coding, a referral missing from the system, and a lack of visibility into your receivables can very quickly impact your cash flow in a major way. Ero Health has a long history of optimizing eClinicalWorks to mitigate these issues, improving the financial health of your practice. Through optimization, you’ll increase profitability by:

  • Implementing dashboards to gain visibility on reimbursements, manage patient balances, and get billing out the door more accurately and quickly
  • Standardizing entry fields and processes to ensure proper data capture
  • Enabling work queue dashboards to better allocate tasks and manage your billing team.
  • Accessing customized reports that pinpoint challenges so that you can immediately address them

Ero Health is also pleased to offer the services of RCM360, our sister company that specializes in eClinicalWorks billing to ensure that you collect more of the money you’re owed. RCM360 goes after more than just the low-hanging fruit, creating processes, reporting, and assuming accountability for the success of your collections.

What Ero Health Customers Have to Say About Improving Collections Through Optimization:

“Within an hour, we had access to financial information that other companies hadn’t been able to provide in over a year. We went from $100,000 to $3 million in collections in four months.”

Erich Koch, Executive Director
Rolling Hills Clinic: Corning, California

“The Ero Health team showed us how other health centers were best leveraging eClinicalWorks and suggested optimizations that would be most beneficial to us. They were on site with us and helped us find ways to improve all of our processes.”

 Cindy Figuerres, Associate Executive Director
Lana’i Community Health Center: Lana’i, Hawaii

You’re in Rapid Growth Mode and Need to Establish Standards for Scalability

Whether your growth is the result of acquiring practices, M&A rollups, or organically adding locations and providers, you need standards in place for your eClinicalWorks EHR to ensure everyone is using the system in the same manner. This ensures that leadership always has a finger on the pulse of finances, operations, and patient care, allowing you to make informed decisions about future growth. Optimizing your eClinicalWorks may involve:

  • Developing processes and defining workflows for consistency and efficiency
  • Establishing data governance across multiple locations with order sets, templates and structured data.
  • Putting systems in place to better manage population health
  • Improving communications with patients by integrating data with outside CRM systems, leveraged with predictive analysis to trigger appointment reminders, testing, and care
  • Creating robust custom reports tailored to arm you with the information you need to monitor your progress towards your growth goals
  • Bringing together multiple instances of eClinicalWorks into one cohesive database through data migration
  • Making better use of features such as online scheduling, telemedicine, and healow

“We were told by others that our vision for what we wanted for eClinicalWorks wasn’t possible, but the Ero Health team made it happen. They understood and embraced what we were striving to accomplish not just with the system, but with our overall business. They developed the solutions that worked for us and have helped us reach our overall goals.”

Nick Williams, CEO
Eagles Landing Family Practice: Atlanta, Georgia

“We knew Ero Health could help us tap into the advanced features of the eClinicalWorks systems. Through the optimization work they’ve done for Limitless Male, we’ve increased our billing percentages, created a better patient experience, implemented simpler processes for our providers and increased our business.”

Beth Horvatich, Director of Operations
Limitless Male: Omaha, Nebraska

You’re Using a Series of Workarounds to Address your Needs

eClinicalWorks EHR is a premier tool, but like any software, it cannot anticipate every unique circumstance that a practice will need it for. Some find workarounds that solve an immediate need, but aren’t terribly efficient, sustainable, or scalable when it comes to reporting, communicating, or automating processes. And when an update or new version of eClinicalWorks is released, your workaround may no longer be workable.

Because Ero Health works exclusively in eClinicalWorks, our team knows how to get into the system to create an authentic process and means to capture the data you need, making it more accurate, timely, consistent, and compatible with eCW updates. Permanent solutions for your workarounds may include:

  • Clinical data capture
  • Scheduling to show visibility into available resources, facilities, and providers
  • Tracking improvements in a patient’s progress, especially for chronic conditions
  • Capturing quality measures

“Identifying a workaround in eClinicalWorks was very important to us, and finding a solution to automate reporting code entry was the key to ensuring we’d be able to provide accurate, timely data for quality reporting. Ero Health made all this possible. We know it’s working and there is very little oversight for us because everything is automated.”

Kevin Scott, LPN, Clinical Analyst
Graham Health System: Fulton County, Illinois 

You are Short Staffed and Looking to Build Efficiencies into Your Practice

Like many industries, healthcare is facing a staffing shortage that is likely impacting many areas of your practice from your front office to your provider availability. Optimizing your eClinicalWorks can include automating a variety of processes that you’re performing manually today, allowing you to do more with fewer people on staff. There are many opportunities that exist in the current version of eClinicalWorks, and many more to take advantage of as your practice adopts V12. Automation opportunities include:

  • Elimination of duplicate data entry on patient records
  • Patient communication to ensure they schedule and show up for labs and follow-up appointments
  • Validating coding through automated nightly scans of patient records and inserting them into patient records
  • Leveraging Prisma for pre visit planning
  • Deploying features that will allow for enhanced patient engagement for streamlined check-in and payment
  • Leveraging automation tools like rules engines and the new features on playlist and AI.

Ultimately, optimization will not only improve the operation and business side of your practice. It will also enhance patient care because you have easier access to data, greater reporting capabilities to monitor their status and progress, and your patients are more engaged in their care.

We invite you to learn more about eClinicalWorks Optimization with Ero Health, and scroll through some of our success stories. The team is here for you to answer any questions you may have, and perform an initial analysis of how you can benefit from optimization. We look forward to connecting.