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How many times have you thought: “there must be a way to automate this manual and repetitive data entry we are doing.”  Chances are, it’s crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Ero Health has just the solution. We are experts at not just data extraction, but also at data manipulation, transformation, and reporting, putting custom business logic in place and leveraging the information to automate processes while increasing efficiency and accountability across your organization.

Following are just a few examples of solutions we’ve implemented for practices around the country:

Automated Coding in eClinicalWorks

We all know how important it is to properly code various encounters, diagnoses, and results within a patient file. Most of the time, this work is performed manually by a staff member who reviews each encounter and puts the codes on the claim. This is time consuming and it opens the process up to human error – which results in a delay in reimbursement for the work you’ve performed. This can also cause additional time requirements for your staff that could be better spent providing patient care. We can help you change all of this with automated coding. The Ero Health Solution:

  • We develop custom business logic to automate and execute a database review of each encounter. The data is in eClinicalWorks EMR, and the system relies on the external logic we develop to do what needs to be done.
  • The review runs on a nightly basis, scanning all encounters for that day.
  • The scan looks for certain quality items in the clinical documentation, such as specific diagnoses, lab results, or medications prescribed.
  • The process automatically adds the appropriate code to the encounter.

You get the code entry you need, performed in the most efficient, accurate, and timely manner possible, speeding up your reimbursement cycle and freeing up your staff to perform other duties. And, you are able to review the information involved in the quality reporting for PQRS, MIPS, or other initiatives.

eClinicalWorks Automated Referral Documentation and Closing

The majority of your patients likely have a team of providers covering different specialties based on their needs, and they may rely on your referrals to get them the care they need. There is documentation and a closing process required for referrals, but again, it’s typically manual and may not be performed in the timeliest manner. We can automate this:

  • Business logic is developed to automate and execute a database review of all open referrals in your system.
  • If the scan detects that a note has been sent back from the provider to whom the patient has been referred, the process marks the case as closed.
  • If a referral is a certain number of days old (90, 180, or whatever your practice deems appropriate), it is automatically marked closed, or brought to the attention of the appropriate staff person.

This process can help keep your eClinicalWorks up-to-date and free from clutter.

Lab Review Escalation

If you’re like many providers, you get hundreds of lab results every day. While most of them may be routine (and not urgent), there are some that require quick attention. How can you know how to prioritize your review time and give your immediate attention for situations that may be life threatening? Ero Health can implement an automation process for that:

  • Create custom business logic to identify key entries in the patient records and compare them to the most recent lab result.
  • Develop indicators to flag situations – such as high blood sugar levels for diabetic patients – that are serious and in need of attention.
  • Perform database scans throughout the day (for example, once per hour), to reprioritize your review list. Higher urgency results needing quick review are moved up the list and displayed accordingly when you log in.

This automated process helps to ensure you’re quickly addressing patients in need, and results in better patient population health management.

Do we have your mind exploring other items you might be able to automate yet? We hope so! It’s our goal at Ero Health to provide you with solutions that will help you operate more efficiently, enhance your patient care, elevate the patient experience, and appropriately manage items that can impact your ability to get paid in a timely manner. The Ero Health team has many years of experience serving practices, hospitals and physicians’ organizations of all sizes, and we can help you too. Contact us today to learn about the many data automation and transformation options that can take your practice to the next level.