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Increase Productivity with eClinicalWorks Training

Congratulations! You’ve implemented eClinicalWorks and have a baseline knowledge of how to operate in the system for your practice’s needs. This baseline is great, but did you know that Ero Health’s eClinicalWorks training can help your people to be more efficient and productive? This can add to your bottom line in big ways. In this blog, we’ll share the top ways that simple, yet robust, eClinicalWorks training can impact your practice.

Empower New Providers to Begin Seeing Patients More Quickly

Imagine a world in which your practice’s new providers are so comfortable with eClinicalWorks, and how it functions for your needs, that they are able to start seeing patients within a day – or even same day. The Ero Health team has built easy-to-follow training so new providers can review and perform hands-on exercises, allowing them to quickly gain skill and confidence in the system so they may begin to see patients and use eClinicalWorks according to the practice’s processes and workflows. This is powerful because:

  • It creates nearly immediate capacity for patients to begin seeing providers in your practice
  • It allows for new specialties to become available for your patients as quickly as possible
  • It begins to generate revenue for the practice more quickly than ever before

“With the training being done by Ero, providers have been trained and the results are amazing. Where it might take a provider days to learn and then have a slow schedule now they are trained in a day. They know what they are doing and most are practicing same day or next day with full schedules.”

Erich Koch, Executive Director
Rolling Hills Clinic: Corning, California

Equip In-House Super Users with the Knowledge to Guide Others

Ero Health has a long history of creating teams, large and small, of Super Users who become the in-house eClinicalWorks experts when new providers are onboarded, new features are rolled out, or staff need a refresher on key functions and features. These Super Users can provide training and also serve as overseers of the processes and workflows that are in place for the success of your eClinicalWorks system. They are vital to the eClinicalWorks operation in your practice for a number of reasons:

  • Super Users can provide high-touch training as your practice grows
  • They can quickly spot deficiencies in the use of eClinicalWorks, then continuously improve productivity by refreshing the skills of your team members
  • They are the primary conduit to the Ero Health training team, informing us of progress and any challenges that additional training can address

“One week of Super User training helped us uncover opportunities for optimizing our eClinicalWorks and allowed us to set up The Alliance Way, which is a set of repeatable processes through all aspects of the company. Our days are more efficient and our providers and staff are happier, too.”

Spencer Scarbrough, Vice President of Operations
Alliance Spine and Pain Centers: Atlanta, Georgia

Start Your Journey Off on the Right Foot with Ero Health eClinicalWorks Training

The Ero Health team has a 21 year track record of successful eClinicalWorks implementation and optimization for practices large and small around the country. We know that this success can drive productivity on day one, and a great deal of it is based on the training your team members receive. We begin the process with an assessment of your eClinicalWorks training needs, then build a customized plan that will encompass the various features you’re currently using, while suggesting others that may boost productivity even more, and add to the bottom line.

  • All staff and providers gain confidence in the system quickly which supports expedited adoption and engagement with eClinicalWorks
  • The team learns the functions and processes in a uniform manner, allowing for greater consistency on day one and for the long haul
  • Information is documented properly in the system, minimizing the need for time-intensive data cleanup which not only causes reporting issues, but can also impact your ability to get paid – consuming valuable time and resources that could be spent elsewhere

“When we switched to eClinicalWorks, we knew it would take a lot for both providers and staff across our 25 locations to learn the system. Most importantly, we wanted to get some efficiencies out of that. We wanted to have an expertise that companies of our size had experience with. Ero Health did group training and individual training. The implementation phase in the training was superior. They had the knowledge base we were looking for and had a remarkable impact in many areas of our business.”

David Tanner, CEO
Granger Medical Clinic: Salt Lake City, Utah

Proper eClinicalWorks training adds a variety of benefits to your organization when it comes to productivity, consistency, and your ability to meet your patient care and financial goals. Ero Health trainers have been supporting practices with their eClinicalWorks needs since 2004, and we have a combined team experience of 50 of years.  In addition, our trainers come from eClinicalWorks practices and have backgrounds as administrators, MA’s, billing managers and operators of large and small clinics. And because we’ve served more than 5500 providers in that time, we’re able to apply best practices that we’ve compiled over the years which elevate your training experience and efficiently solve challenges.

We’re ready to serve you. Let’s get started and put your practice on the road to productivity through eClinicalWorks training with Ero Health.