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When you think of eClinicalWorks, chances are your mind immediately races to capturing information about patient encounters, or to practice management functions like scheduling. Yet many medical practices don’t know that eClinicalWorks has the power to unlock a wealth of information that can be vital to growth and profitability. There are nearly limitless possibilities, all of which can come to life through custom reporting. That’s where the Ero Health team of eClinicalWorks report writing experts come in. Here, we present just one example of the many ways you can make a significant impact on your business with custom reports.

Provider Performance’s Impact on Payment Cycle Time

If you ask most practices across the United States, a primary pain point they face is long average time to payment. There are many factors that can affect this, from rejected claims that must be resubmitted to non-timely filing and coding errors. Our partners at RCM360 help practices with these types of things every day. We at Ero Health help clients with some of the other factors. One of those is provider performance, specifically, how fast they can enter and close their notes.

We faced this with a large healthcare system in the Chicago area. The hospital and medical group had taken on a key strategic initiative to enhance patient care and provider performance while reducing overall payment cycle. They realized that the quicker a provider could close and lock their notes for each encounter, the faster the service could be billed – thus reducing their payment cycle time.

Their goal was for providers to enter and close notes within 72 hours, a much quicker timeline than what they were experiencing. To incentivize providers to comply with the new program, their compensation model was changed to quantify this performance. This model would guide each provider’s salary and bonus plan.

The Custom eClinicalWorks Report that Made It Happen

The plan was set, the compensation program was developed, and the program stalled. The health care system realized that they would require a custom report to gather the specific provider performance data they needed. It was critical for them to know what each provider’s appointment-to-close date was in order to fully implement the program that would make the achievement of their strategic initiative possible. The Ero Health team knew just how to make it happen:

  • We worked closely with the internal team, following a process that allowed the client to be very specific in determining the information needed for tracking purposes.
  • This facilitated the development of the report specifications.
  • A baseline report was developed so that the client could understand exactly what data they were looking at. This step helped them make decisions in refining the report as time went on and more data was uncovered.
  • The report was finalized for full implementation. It analyzes the data and generates a scorecard of encounters locked in 72 hours, 14 days, 21 days and beyond.
  • Administration has a snapshot to determine which providers are complying with the 72-hour goal and compensate providers accordingly.
Achieving the Goal

It’s one thing to implement a new program, along with a new report to track what’s happening. It’s another ballgame when the results start piling in – results that show that the providers are jumping in with both feet and working towards the collective goal. In fact, the reports are showing that efficiency has increased, time-to-close is greatly decreasing, and profitability is on the rise. Providers are reaching personal goals they’re now setting for themselves, they feel in control of their compensation, and there’s an impact on everyone’s bottom line. That’s the kind of success you can experience with a custom eClinicalWorks report. Unlock this power today, and make an impact on your business.