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eClinicalWorks is a great tool for many practices, providing great capabilities for managing data. We at Ero Health also know that not all practices are the same. Each has a set of unique needs and challenges in their use of the technology. When it comes to extracting data, there are specific requirements for reporting to government agencies, ACOs, quality reporting organizations, or any number of third parties. Many practices have turned to us as they’ve encountered challenges in extracting this data. If this situation sounds familiar, you’re in luck. Ero Health is here to provide you options, just like we’ve done for our clients for years.

Ero Health has experience working with eClinicalWorks practices pulling data, and even providing automation of reports and extraction of data. We have had clients turn to us after attempting to get the data they need for several months, only to have us find a solution within a month, or less.

When we create these reports, we customize them to produce the data that is needed in the desired format.  We also provide a way to view the data in a readable format before extraction. Often data is difficult to read, but we format it in an easy-to-read manner so you know what you are exporting.

eClinicalWorks Hosted

eClinicalWorks databases and host servers cannot be accessed natively on your Cloud server. Having the ability to share data with a third party is often essential to your workflow when dealing with clinical, practice management or billing information. Ero Health uses eBO, the native application in eCW for reporting, to extract data from a practice’s eClinicalWorks-hosted application. This report can be scheduled to run on a periodic basis, exported to a file and shared by the client to a third party if needed.

Custom extract reports in eBO can be used to access any data that is available in your eCW database.  With Ero Health’s long history and experience in working the eClinicalworks data, we can typically provide everything that is needed even if it is not available in the eBO metadata.

This is useful for various purposes, like leveraging your data for:

  • Insurance companies
  • Appointment follow-ups or reminder systems
  • Customer surveys
  • Quality Reporting
  • 3rdParty Patient Payment solutions.
Hosted Locally

If your eCW database is hosted locally, or with another third-party hosting solution, Ero Health can provide many other options for extracting data.  With direct database access there are additional options for automation.  This allows the staff to become more efficient and focus more on patient care.

Ero Health can simplify the process in the practice and create fast, accurate and efficient custom eBO reporting for your eClinicalWorks. Clients who have used our services once, typically come back to us for all of their reporting needs. We can help you too. Contact Ero Health today!