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Ero Health is on the road again!

Conference season is in full swing, and we’re excited to be back on the road gathering with colleagues, clients and partners again. There are several events scheduled to take place in Q2 where you’ll find the Ero Health team!

We hope to see you there!


Congress to grant 5-month extension for pandemic telehealth flexibilities with omnibus bill

Congress is set to grant a five-month extension to telehealth flexibilities created during the pandemic as part of a sweeping spending package filed by the House early Wednesday morning. The extension would leave the flexibilities in place for 151 days after the end of the federal public health emergency, which currently expires in April but is expected to be extended into July.



Ero Health Data Services: How important is your data?

Your data is critical to your operations. Let Ero Health work with you to design a backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure you never have to worry about losing it.
This can include:

  • Designing a 3/2/1 backup policy (3 copies of your data on 2 devices with 1 located off-site)
  • Helping to design a D/R strategy that could include real-time replication to a backup database
  • Helping to design a warm off-site backup that is always up to date and can be used in a D/R scenario

Scanned Image Compression

  • Do your scanned images in eClinicalWorks take too long to load?
    Are you running low on disk space?
    Are your backups taking longer than you would like?

Let Ero Health compress your scanned images to see the following benefits:

  • Users will notice a drastic increase in image load times.
  • Up to a 90% savings in disk space for scanned images.
  • Significantly reduced backup times.

This process is transparent to the end user with zero downtime required.

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The top issues keeping revenue cycle leaders up at night

Managing the hospital revenue cycle has become increasingly complex for myriad reasons, including the shift to value-based care models, dwindling reimbursement and talent shortages.

Here, five revenue cycle leaders in healthcare shared the issues that are keeping them awake at night.



eCW Days Registration

eCW is bringing back local, in market eCW days. This half day event is free to attend and provides insight on new features and allows you to network with other local eCW users. Click the link below for more information on dates/locations and how to register.




Partner Spotlight: Medicus IT

At Medicus IT, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to optimize patient care. We help our partners RUN their operations, GROW their processes, and TRANSFORM their practices by
providing solutions beyond your traditional IT.

As one of the nation’s top healthcare IT providers, our teams serve more than 34,000 doctors in over 1,200 locations. With a unique focus exclusively on healthcare, our transformation specialists have a clear understanding of industry drivers to help mitigate risk and prepare your organization to scale.

Together, we can drive your practice forward.


“Ero Health has worked with Medicus IT for many years. We share multiple clients, and they are the experts in networking, IT services, IT security and Compliance.”

– Stephen D. Rhodes, Co-CEO, Ero Health.